Glatz is a mid-sized family-run business with a 130-year old papermaking tradition. Since the beginning we are connected with the location Neidenfels, as well as with the neighbouring village Frankeneck. During all these times we have been and are still employer of many habitants of this region.

Common free time activities, like the annual participation at the company run in nearby Kaiserslautern, or the traditional football-/bowling tournament “Glatzianer on Tour”, strengthen the teambuilding and support a positive working atmosphere.

Since 2012 we offer “Waldferienwoche der Glatz-Kinder” during the first week of the summer holidays, in cooperation with the “Familiengenossenschafte.G.” from Mannheim.
Kids and Grandkids of our employees are parented by a pedagogic team and have the possibility to playfully discover and experience the Palatine forest during a diversified program.