Your partner for tailor-made solutions in yarns

As a high performance company of the Glatz group we produce out of special papers paper yarns and paper cords with diameters from
0,20 up to 30,0 mm.

GarnTec is the only provider who possesses the know-how to produce thinnest paper yarns. Swellable flat yarns, swellable yarns, swellable tapes, separating tapes an cable insulating paper complete the delivery program for the cable industry.

For the creative range we supply decoration-yarns and paper tapes in different colours. Our products are finding world-wide interest.

You can imagine that the application range of our products are various ! Please contact us, if we have aroused your interest! If you should recognize applications, which we do not have in our program, we will develop a special product for your application.

Our experience offers a founded basis to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

The new firm structure assures that we can react to customers’ requests still more flexible and faster.

Our strength is it, to fulfill your wishes and make the apparently impossible possible.

Our strengths:

  • Individual customers service
  • High-quality products
  • Reliable supplies
  • Fast and flexible reactions