Glatz Fienpapiere
Wilhelm Adolph Glatz, Franz Julius Glatz and Hans Haehnle founded the Glatz papermill at Neidenfels in the Palatinate Forest. After World War II the mill has been continuously modernized. New paper machines and regular technical developments allow to produce top quality and specific papers for our clients.
Glatz is the first finepaper manufacturer to offer thin printing papers and cigarette papers in TCF quality on the market.
The very first sino-german Joint Venture is founded in the field of papers for the cigarette industry by Glatz in Yunnan province, VR China. Within a very short period, Yunnan Hongta Blue Eagle produces premium cigarette paper according to international quality standards
ISO-Certificate 9001
ISO-Certificate 14001
Implementing of a new cigarette paper machine at Frankeneck with a capacity of 12.000 tons per year

At Neidenfels + Frankeneck Glatz produces finest papers from 22 to 60 g/m² on 4 paper machines.

Global production : about 42.000 mt / year

Export share : 70 % throughout the world

At Jianshui the Yunnan Hongta Blue Eagle produces cigarette papers on 2 paper machines.

Global production : about 25.000 mt / year


certification of Julius Glatz GmbH for FSC® (FSC-C018832) and PEFC™ for the paper mills in Neidenfels and Frankeneck

certification of LIPtec for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

certification of LIPtec forFSC® (FSC-C018832)

Opening of Glatz Finepaper Vietnam and start of production of cigarette papers
Certification of Julius Glatz GmbH for ISO 50001
Glatz sells the Vietnam plant in order to concentrate on it’s core competences of the full fine paper portfolio and it’s R&D in Germany

130 years Glatz Feinpapiere!

Still a family-run business, still independent –after more than a century still a manufacturer with “passion for paper”