Commitment of the management

In the scope of the corporate duty of care, we determine the overall objectives and operational principles in the company policy and bind ourselves to all compliance obligations, such as legal and regulatory requirements, and other provisions as part of our implemented management system.


We have implemented and realised an integrated management system, whose normative, legal and internal requirements and specifications are oriented towards the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
  • DIN EN ISO 50001:2018
  • FSC® Chain of Custody
  • PEFC™ Chain of Custody


Our management manual features a description of the integrated management system that we have implemented. Using it guarantees that all organisational, commercial and technical activities, which affect the product quality, legal compliance, occupational safety and health protection, the environment or the use of energy, will be planned, controlled and monitored.


Through this declaration, the management obligates all employees to carry out their tasks according to the descriptions in this management handbook and the downstream management documents, to ensure that the procedures correspond to the requirements set by ourselves or specified by our customers and that they meet society's expectations.


Our aim is the ongoing improvement of our quality, environment and energy impacts, as well as securing the highest standard of an occupational safety and health protection. With the evaluation of our processes and through the results of internal and external audits, the management will regularly check the suitability, appropriateness and efficacy of the management system, and the level of fulfilment of the underlying norms and standards in the company.


We provide all the necessary resources for the fulfilment of our company targets and the implementation of the company policy.


The company policy is published. Furthermore, the necessary information is also available to interested parties, in order to clarify facts that may be inquired.


Company policy

The constantly high quality of our products is one of the basic principles of our successful business activities. Fulfilling the requirements of our customers while sustaining the quality of our products, thus taking into consideration the legal and other specifications, requires precise coordination of our delivery promises with the requirements of our customers, and consistent fulfilment of these set quality standards. Our customer orientation is supported by open communication, joint projects and the evaluation of customer satisfaction on the basis of customer visits. Increasing customer satisfaction is one of our most important aims.


Acting in a quality-conscious way means promoting occupational safety and health protection in the company, and dealing with valuable resources in an efficient and conservative manner. We are aware that our activities affect the environment, and so it is our duty to reduce this effect and the use of energy in the scope of the economic and technical possibilities and via well thought out sequences to a minimum. Our responsibility to treat resources respectfully requires the calculation and evaluation of our environmental and energy aspects, as well as the fulfilment of defined targets and programmes, and checking this using measurable characteristics. A further important target is profitable production and sustainable environmental protection. Where this is technically and organisationally possible, as well as economically viable, through improvements to environmental and energy services, as well as by avoiding or reducing environmental strains, profitable production and sustainable environmental protection are reconciled.


Every employee has the obligation and right to work towards eliminating circumstances, which prevent the manufacturing of products with perfect quality, lead to wastage of resources or endanger occupational safety or health protection.


Continuous improvement is a medium- and long-term requirement for an effective reduction of costs, conservation of the environment, increasing the energy efficiency of our processes and the further development of occupational safety and health protection in the company. Errors shall be avoided and sources of errors shall be eliminated wherever discovered. This requires the conscious commitment and active participation of all employees.


A clearly defined organisation and the provision of human and material resources, in which purchasing of energy-efficient products and services as well as energy-efficient design of new plants/processes and plant/process changes are supported, form the necessary framework for a continual and sustainable improvement. The managers are obliged to apply the appropriate specifications in their area of responsibility, consistently monitoring their efficiency and work towards adapting these to the newest knowledge and requirements. This understanding and awareness, as well as the attitude of all employees towards quality, environment, energy efficiency, occupational safety and health protection, are requirements for the satisfaction of our customers, the respectful treatment of resources and therefore crucial for the sustainable success of our company.

Every successful organization has a vital interest in the empowerment, motivation and productiveness of its employees. Without those employees, an evolution of the organization will not be possible. Consequently, the overall motivation and health of all employees is imperative, so we have committed to the following health and safety principles:

  • Safety and health are top priority in everything we do
  • Accidents are always preventable
  • We have clear and precise rules which are enforced consequently
  • Everybody is responsible for obeying to the rules of safety and health
  • We all work according to these principles to stay safe and sound and enable the future of our company
  • Safety and health starts with every individual so everybody shall act as a role model for others
  • The company offer on regular training is being used by everybody and regularily
  • Continuous improvement of the working environment is encouraged, especially on health and safety
  • We regard faults and failures as chances for immediate improvement and important learnings

Our employees are our service providers and accept responsibility. Every individual increases their competence and is supported by us with ongoing internal and external trainings in the areas of quality, efficient use of resources, occupational safety and health protection. This company policy is available to all employees on the Intranet and to the public via the official homepage. Should there be further interest in certain subjects, all interested parties are invited to contact us for further information. We are committed to all our obligations and covenants, especially if given to our local neighbours.

We have captured all necessary rules of conduct in our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct contains principles, indications and standards describing our corporate activity by taking into account ethical principles. The Code of Conduct is part of our company policy and is therefore mandatory.


Business principles and ethics

  • We are a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers.
  • We and our affiliated companies assure our partners that we will participate in any form of bribery and corruption neither now nor in the future
  • We stand out from the competition by fair means. 
  • We impress our customers with quality, competence, appropriate prices and reliable services.
  • We are aware of our ecological responsibility and act with subsequent generations in mind. 
  • We respect the people who work with us. We regard all as equal, no matter of being handicapped, belonging to ethnic or religious groups or their sexual orientation.
  • We are responsible for the occupational safety and health protection of our employees and act accordingly.
  • We ensure our success through the permanent qualification of our employees. 

Neidenfels, 02.04.2020

Nina Ritter-Reischl